DoodleMaker Enterprise, an online tool developed by Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar, allows you to doodle on a whiteboard, whiteboard or glass board using cutting-edge technology. A video can be converted into three different shapes in seconds.


Features of DoodleMaker Enterprise

Creating doodle animations in Doodle Maker is quite easy. It comes with a variety of features that make your doodles easy and distinct from each other. Among the variety of features, these are the ones you need to know about:

Browse through more than 50 languages

Do you speak any other language besides English? Are you trying to reach an indigenous or non-English speaking audience? Doodle Maker comes with more than 50 languages in which you can design your visual texts. With its extensive AI, your videos will receive the necessary touch to attract your audience.

DoodleMaker’s inbuilt translation engine allows you to turn your films into any language with a single click. This implies you’ll be able to reach people in different nations.

Text-to-speech in 60+ languages

DoodleMaker allows you to convert any text into speech and use it as the narration for your doodle films by converting it to speech using any of the offered natural-sounding male or female voices. DoodleMaker has the advantage of supporting all major languages.

All of the templates offered include human female and male voiceovers, as well as all of the animations and effects. This implies you won’t have to utilize your camera or record your voice because everything has been taken care of.

Convert images to sketches

With a few clicks, you can now convert any image into a sketch-style doodle. Add as many different elements as possible to make any scene stand out.

Switch easily among whiteboards, glass boards, and blackboards

With a few clicks, you can convert any video into one of three distinct formats. With a single click, you may produce any video and output it in one of three distinct formats. The built-in AI engine automatically converts your text and images to different colors so that your movie may be transmitted in the format you want.

Built-in voice recording

If you want to record your own voice-over, you may do so with this app’s built-in voice recording feature. There is also the option to upload a previously recorded audio file.

 More than
300+ pre-installed templates

Instead of spending money on expensive voice talent and recording templates, Doodle Maker comes with over 300 pre-installed templates that you can customize to your liking. With pre-installed templates, your doodle audios will no longer sound boring. Additionally, it eliminates the need for a voice over budget.

HD images and rendering

Say goodbye to blurry and pixelated images in your doodle videos. There are millions of pre-installed icons and images that you can select to create your videos, and they are all very clear.

All you need to do is enter your intro post, choose from the recommended images, use great pre-installed fonts for your texts and your doodle videos will play in HD.

If the app's pre-installed images don't fit your idea, you can easily import them directly from your phone's storage.

Multiple video formats

You decide the format you would like your videos rendered in. There are more than enough video formats to choose from and they work best for the recommended platforms. What's more, there is no fear of quality reduction. 

Why I Recommend DoodleMaker Enterprise :

DoodleMaker stands out as a newly launched Doodle Video Software development tool that leverages Intuitive Artificial Intelligence. It empowers individuals of all technical backgrounds, ages, and styles to effortlessly create captivating and lifelike doodle videos in over 30+ languages.

With DoodleMaker, you can craft and promote various video types, including animated videos, whiteboard animations, video demonstrations, training content, and promotional or advertising materials. You have the flexibility to white-label the product and market it to an unlimited clientele, or utilize DoodleMaker's commercial license to offer services.

What sets DoodleMaker apart is its adaptable freehand Doodle Editor, allowing you to start your projects from scratch. You can input any content you desire, whether it's a short paragraph, an e-Book, or a research paper. The AI then intuitively analyzes the text and seamlessly associates text keywords with relevant doodle artwork.

Moreover, DoodleMaker boasts an extensive Doodle Image Library, Icon Finder, and integration with the Pixabay API. These resources are at your disposal for modifying and customizing symbols, offering virtually limitless creative possibilities. The best part is that achieving your vision is as simple as drag-and-drop—no advanced technical skills required. The robust freehand Doodle Editor in Doodle Builder enables you to create videos from the ground up effortlessly.

You can effortlessly incorporate your entire content, whether it's a straightforward blog post, an entire e-book, or a comprehensive script. The AI intelligently reads and interprets the text, automatically matching keywords with corresponding doodle images. Furthermore, you can personalize the visuals by tapping into the extensive collection of high-quality doodle images, Icon Finder, and the Pixabay API Integration.

This means you have an endless array of options when generating doodles, and the best part is that each doodle is unique. This not only saves you time and resources but also offers tremendous potential for monetization through trading privileges included with your business or income.

In Conclusion:

DoodleMaker is an exceptional software tool for internet marketing professionals, offering valuable time and cost savings. In today's landscape, diversifying income sources is crucial, and Doodle Video Creator on a whiteboard provides an effective means to inspire, educate, and engage the public. The time to share your Doodle videos online has never been better.

This versatile tool is suitable for online business owners, freelancers, agency proprietors, marketers, educational institutions, coaches, and consultants. Whether you're a novice or lack prior experience, I wholeheartedly recommend DoodleMaker for swiftly and effortlessly creating and selling high-quality doodle videos in abundance.

Furthermore, DoodleMaker represents a unique and irreplaceable opportunity that should not be missed. Don't hesitate to give DoodleMaker a try!

The DoodleMaker team, drawing upon their extensive experience in product development and testing, has provided a pricing solution that you won't find elsewhere. Doodle Creator is a software that caters to "GLOBAL" sales and shipping businesses, positioning them for industry leadership and skyrocketing sales.


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